Christina Leonor

Christina Leonor is a Swedish luxury lingerie brand. 

Brand Personality: Sophisticated and edgy.

The Goal: Succinct messaging while making the customer’s think “I need this!”

Achievement: Copy that clearly expresses the unique selling point of the brand, while maintaining personality. 

Package: Home page and About page copy. 

AZ Party of 2

AZ Party of 2 is a wedding & event planning company in Scotsdale, Arizona. 

Brand Personality: Personable and classic. 

The Goal: Develop web copy that reflects the brand personality.

Achievement: Messaging that captures the tone and unique differentiators of the company. 

Package: Website copy

Swear Skincare

Swear Skincare is a natural skincare line based in Los Angeles. 

Brand Personality: Friendly and upbeat.

The Goal: Create brand awareness and gain sales.

Achievement: Media coverage in Sheen Magazine’s digital publication and an increase of sales. 

Package: Web copy, Press Kit, and Sales email.

Alex Pitt Creative

Alex Pitt Creative is a  London design company. 

Project Personality: Empowering and bold.

The Goal: Messaging to raise funds for Black Lives Matter and the NAACP for racial injustice.

Achievement: Merchandise that is attention grabbing, and achieving sales. 

Package: Merchandise slogans

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